TCUK18 Speaker Andrea Flolid – Who’s on First

Andrea Flolid will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 entitled “Who’s on First”.

Photo of Andrea Flolid

In my early career, I wrote reports, User Guides, and technical submissions where the customer was well known, and the requirements were clearly defined. At Arm, it became very clear to me that I didn’t know who our customers were and what they were looking for in our documentation.

This presentation covers:

  • The differences between internal and external customers.
  • Techniques used with internal customers:
    • Kick-off Presentations
    • Communication
    • Surveys
  • Techniques used with external customers:
    • Empathy mapping
    • Interviewing customer-facing colleagues
    • Participating in customer training session
  • Tracking data and using it to improve the documentation.

About Andrea Flolid

Andrea Flolid is a Senior Information Developer at Arm working in Austin, TX. Andrea’s early career was spent working at Motorola designing consumer phones and remote keyless entry systems. After taking a career break, Andrea switched gears from engineering to technical writing. Since Andrea did most of her own technical writing at Motorola and assisted with the Marketing documentation, this wasn’t a very big stretch. However, switching from RF circuitry to semiconductor IP required a steep learning curve. In the end, providing her customers with high quality, technically accurate products has always been at the center of Andrea’s career.