TCUK18 Speaker Shirley McDonnell – A Casual Contributor’s Learning Aid for DITA Structuring

Shirley McDonnell will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 entitled “A Casual Contributor’s Learning Aid for DITA Structuring”.

Photo of Shirley McDonnell

How do you help a busy person maintain the know-how required to perform a short but complex task occasionally – a task vastly different from their day-to-day work?

This question led the technical communications team at Technically Write IT (TWi) to develop a visual aid for SMEs who spend a few days every two to three months updating training material following a software release. We share with you the reference tool that the team developed, which provides casual contributors or novice writers with a systematic method of maintaining a DITA structure when updating or adding content.

About Shirley McDonnell

Shirley McDonnell has worked in the technical communication industry for the past twelve years. She has an MSc in software design and development and a Graduate Certificate in technical writing. Shirley works as a senior information developer with Technically Write IT (TWi), an Irish company who provides outsourced technical writing, editing, and documentation solutions.

Shirley has recently worked on an online repository describing the business and scientific processes used by a division of a leading multinational player in the biopharmaceutical industry. She is passionate about software usability and the responsibility of technical writers to develop comprehensive, concise, user-friendly content.