TCUK18 Speaker Jörg Plöger – Using ST4: Easy, Rapid, Success and Triumph! A SCHEMA case study

Jörg Plöger, from sponsor SCHEMA, will be presenting a case study at TCUK18 entitled “Using ST4: Easy, Rapid, Success and Triumph!” Jörg will do the presentation together with Phil Lane.

Photo of Jörg Plöger

Photo of Phil Lane

To be competitive in the growing global marketplace Triumph initiated in 2013 this project, finding a more cost-efficient way to provide Triumph’s 750 dealers with a faster and more user-friendly service.

We will give insight in evaluating and implementing a Component Content Management System (CCMS), best practice in using it and the benefits for Triumph’s motorbike owners, technical authors and dealers’ bike garage.

  • Greater Usability and Dramatic Reduction in Costs
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Delivering Results
  • Looking to the Future

Greater Usability and Dramatic Reduction in Costs
In late 2014 Triumph Motorcycles selected the XML based CCMS SCHEMA ST4. The company had several critical objectives it wanted to achieve including:

  • Finding a more cost-efficient way to publish and update service manuals and owner handbooks
  • Providing Triumph’s 750 dealers with a faster and more user-friendly service
  • Ensuring a rapidly expanding / developing product range was efficiently documented / presented
  • Making sure Triumph was fully compliant with upcoming EU legislation

Rapid Implementation
Despite the challenge of producing extremely detailed technical information for 24 models in 10 languages and with multiple market-specific variants, it took only two months for the team at Triumph, working in partnership with Imprimatur’s project management, to produce their first document using SCHEMA ST4.

Delivering Results
Since the introduction of SCHEMA ST4, Triumph’s Technical Publications team has secured a series of major financial and wider business benefits.

  • Savings of up to 70 % archived on individual projects
  • About £1million cost reduction in 1.5 years
  • Savings made to date have enabled the addition on 5 new languages
  • Key publications being made available online and with more frequent updates
  • Online system allows dealers faster and easier access to key information (… VIN …)

Looking to the Future
The advanced diagnostic tools used by dealers to service and repair is another area where SCHEMA ST4 can support Triumph with even more cost-effective and accurate online documentation.

About Jörg Plöger and Phil Lane

Jörg Plöger studied mathematics. He has worked in technical communication in a wide variety of industries for more than 20 years. As consultant and trainer, he has travelled around Europe many times. Since 2000, Jörg Plöger has been working in the software industry (Translation Memory Systems (TMS) and Content Management Systems (CMS)). He is sales representative of SCHEMA and based in Bremen, Northern Germany.

Phil Lane is a Content Strategy Specialist at Imprimatur Limited. He combines his experience in XML with his understanding of documentation processes to develop strategies and implementation plans that deliver improved documentation efficiency.

Phil particularly relishes projects in the automotive industry, where finding solutions is often challenging because of the need for simultaneously-available multi-lingual content, the pressures of a strict 12-month product cycle, and the tightly-constrained in-vehicle operating environment.

Phil holds a degree in Engineering and has a strong computer systems background reaching back over 14 years.