TCUK18 Speaker Owen Flatau – Information is a gift: it should be small and heavy

Owen Flatau will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 entitled “Information is a gift: it should be small and heavy”.

Photo of Owen Flatau

Let’s characterize the relationship with our audiences in terms of giving and receiving, and put ourselves in the receiver’s shoes. What do we like? Ideally, a gift should be small, because we like things portable and we don’t want to clutter our homes. It should also be valuable to us, and remind us of the giver. Now, putting ourselves in the giver’s shoes; we cherish our relationship with this person, so we should find or make the best gift possible (within budget). How can we do this? We may have to get creative.

About Owen Flatau

Owen is a “typical” technical communicator; he started as an electrical engineer in South Africa and then moved into writing and illustrating for an electronics company in 2001. He moved to the UK in 2002 and has since worked for small and large organizations, in solo, team, and management roles, gaining communications experience from a wide spectrum of technologies. Nowadays, he works with Cisco Systems, designing and delivering information about network-based video, chat, and meeting tools.