TCUK19 Speaker Tony Dzumaga – 10 Things about SVG and Technical Documentation (Workshop)

Tony Dzumaga will be giving a TCUK19 workshop on “10 Things about SVG and Technical Documentation”.

This workshop will focus on SVG files to show where to use them in technical documentation; we will look at the anatomy of SVG files and the tools we can use to create them. Finally, we will focus on many examples using the diagramming tool Lucidchart.

You will be able to participate online using examples in Codepen and Lucidchart.

Finished examples will include online help using Flare and RoboHelp, printed output using FrameMaker and Word, Lucidchart schematics and diagrams, plus many more.

We will be firmly in the graphics zone, focusing on icons, infographics, schematics, and flowcharts.

About Tony Dzumaga

Tony is a Fellow of the ISTC and has worked in technical communications since 1996.

His documentation experience includes being a courseware developer and trainer in the project management sector, creating boat manuals in nine languages for a luxury yacht manufacturer and developing online help for a SCADA suite of software tools in the oil and gas industry.

Tony has experience of multimedia and graphics from being a Sony Centre and Apple Centre manager in the past.

He is currently working to create technical help content for Apteco a digital marketing software company.