TCUK 2014 Presentations

Looking back at 2014.

Presentation slides from TCUK 2014, by kind permission of the respective presenters.

Alison Turner: Management tools from big business for the sole author

Andrew Westfold: Writing in Agile environments

Bryan Lade: How does our profession attract more talent?

Colum McAndrew: User Assistance and Social Media: A passionate relationship or a loveless marriage?

David Gardiner: Hypergraphics for help documents

Ellis Pratt: Creating videos for technical communication and e-learning: tips and tricks from the field

Galyna Key: Gamification is The New Black

Gordon Dennis: Compliance is no simple matter

Gordon Dennis:Structured content: the key to meeting targets and raising quality

Jang Graat: Minimalism – to the max

Jean-Paul Bardez: Training in verbal skills for technical writers

Karen Mardahl: Getting Things Done for Technical Communicators

Malcolm Wallace and Thomas Bardel: Unifying the Documentation Process

Matthew Ellison: Smart Ways to Re-use Content

Matthew Ellison: Tools and Techniques for Creating Responsive Web Content

Rachel Johnson: What you’re missing about mobile

Rahel Bailie: Do You Trust Me Now? – Technical Content in the age of social media

Ray Gallon: User Assistance and Cognitive Science: Practical Applications

Roger Hart: collateral damage: Do Tech Comms and Marketing have to fight when users get informed?

Sebastian Gottel: How German Manufacturers Create Technical Documentation wit ST4 DocuManager

Stephen Crabbe: Looking backwards to look forward: Mark Twain and
best practice for developing clear and effective content

Theresa Cameron: The reluctant user’s guide to social media

Vikram Verma: Riding the mobile publishing bandwagon using Adobe RoboHelp 11