TCUK 2015 Presentations

Looking back at 2015.

Presentation slides from TCUK 2015, by kind permission of the respective presenters.

Abhishek Jain: Changing role of Content Professional and 2015 release of TCS

Darren Mitchum: The Downsides to DITA and How to Avoid Them

Rachel Johnston: Business case, budget and beyond

Frazer Bain: Content Controversies – 4 Challenges and a Way Forward

Berry Braster: Visual search and augmented reality

Rhyne Armstrong: Get Out of your Office – Conducting Successful Site Visits

Mattias Sander: Keep it Lean – Using Kanban TOC

George Lewis: Liberating TechComms – How moving to agile empowers technical authors

Mike Unwalla: Patterns in language for part-of-speech disambiguation

Ferry Vermeulen: US regulations on instructions for use

Magda Caloian: DITA Pilot Projects

Doug Dennis: Promote, Innovate, Repeat – maintaining documentation quality throughout organisational change

Marjorie Jones: Source Control – What technical communicators need to know

Paulo Newman: Find out how SDL helped to develop the car of the future

Raymond Gillespie: Putting Experience to the test – Moving from Tech Comm to Software Testing

Anja Kellermann, Kelly White: Taking technical writing to the next level at SAP

John Kearney: Unpacking and Applying the Tech Comms Toolbox

Neil Perlin: Breaking Our Own Boundaries

Neil Perlin: Taking Legacy Projects Responsive

Chris Atherton: Validate your dreams

Karen Mardahl, John Kearney: Getting Things Done for Technical Communicators

Chris Atherton: Stop trying to paint the hallway through the letterbox! – UX techniques that help teams help themselves

Fi Parker, Martin Clark: The Bid Manager and the Bid Writer – Whose line is it anyway?

Magda Caloian: Starting a DITA skeleton project in oXygen