TCUK 2020 Speaker – Matt Reiner

How to Rapidly Create Documentation Within an Agile Process

Many teams and organizations are talking about “being more agile” but it’s hard to know what that actually means. With the many agile framework options available, and the agile manifesto itself saying that agile doesn’t value “lengthy documentation”, it’s hard to understand where documentation fits.

This talk explores how agile teams can rapidly develop and deliver documentation alongside their product.

About Matt Reiner

Matt was once a customer of – and now a customer advocate with – K15t. Throughout his time as a technical communicator, Matt has branched out to marketing and UX writing projects with multiple teams.

Matt believes users have the best experience when information presented by Sales, Marketing, the product, documentation, and Support uses a unified voice.

TCUK Metro 2020 – Update

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel the face-to-face conference due to the coronavirus. The venue we booked for the event has issued safety guidelines that they will be implementing once they are able to open. Their suggestions are extremely reasonable, and they will do everything they can to ensure people are safe while attending events.

However, a big part of our conference is the networking and unfortunately this just would not be possible with the new guidelines. We have a responsibility to our members, and to those who would attend the conference, to ensure their safety and wellbeing and unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that in the current circumstances.

Needless to say, the team is disappointed, but all is not lost. We will have a mini online event on the day instead.

TCUK Metro provisional timings 


TCUK Metro online is free for all to attend.

To register your attendance, please email the ISTC office on They will send you a link to attend the conference.


TCUK 2020 Speaker – Nancy Labri

Presentation about Tech Writers Beyond Borders, title tbc…

Who is Tech Writers Beyond Borders, its passion, and mission? What projects are underway to support the C19 pandemic? What projects have we supported so far? What are volunteers doing? What’s next?

Are you one of those people for whom it’s never been easy to switch perspectives, even though you love doing the research and background? Do you have a hard time looking at things from the cultural point of view? Why volunteering on multicultural projects can teach you the skills you need.

This presentation inspires, and provides practical information.

About Nancy Labri

Nancy started out as a French literature scholar, translator, and teacher. She assimilated to French culture through immersion experiences, including a summer camp in Le Drôme, a one-year internship in a private psychiatric clinic in the Loire Valley, teaching French in Aix-en-Provence in an international business program, translating tourism brochures about Senegal, French media articles, French and Italian mathematical reviews, and writing bilingual technical user documentation for the UN.

Nancy was a bilingual writer at UNESCO in Paris for 18 years, formalizing her technical communication skills at American University in Paris. From there she crossed the ocean back to the U.S. and found a perfect fit and transition at SAS as a customer-facing technical communicator on statistical software implementation projects. She has served many challenging roles over the ensuing 20 years at SAS. But to her, everything funnels into sensibility and communication, the bridge to broadening technology’s reach across society. Becoming a co-founder of Tech Writers Without Borders sealed her commitment to global communication. Her most humbling desire is to constantly improve her technical communication skills to exercise them in doing good for others.