TCUK 2015 | SCHEMA – Platinum Sponsor Interview

Sebastian Göttel
Sebastian Göttel


Complex documents made easy!

SCHEMA GmbH was founded in 1995 in Nürnberg. Since then, they have continued to develop and strengthen their market position. Today, Schema is one of the leading providers of editing and content management systems. They offer standardised software, consulting, and services for the professional management of information.

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TCUK: This year’s special focus topic is “Breaking the Boundaries of Technical Communication”. When asked the reason Schema are returning to TCUK, Sebastian Göttel – Director of Sales at Schema replied:

SG: ”TCUK is a good place for meeting Tech Comm professionals in the UK. We do not know of any other event that is comparable to this event.

Personally, I love the way the event combines aspects of a conference with mindful insights into upcoming trends and a social meeting place with other professionals. I have met some very interesting and very amiable persons through TCUK.”

TCUK: Are there ways in which your company’s products and services can help technical communicators “break the boundaries” in their professional work?

SG: “We see a shift from focusing on creating technical documentation in the most efficient way to the intelligent distribution of technical content.

The right content must be available for the exact target group, at any given moment, in the needed version and in the adequate format. Editorial processes that end in the creation of a PDF file no longer meet these requirements.

The market for CCMS (component-based content management systems) is growing to include Content Delivery Systems (CDS) that will change the way Tech Comm departments are connected to their recipients, regardless of whether they are the internal service organisation or the customers.

Delivering content to mobile apps, portals or social media is just one aspect. By controlling the delivery process, Tech Comm departments can even start to systematically and efficiently collect feedback from the field. Content Delivery Systems can be built as a custom-made solution.”

TCUK: What would you say to our members to encourage them to attend this year’s conference?

SG: “If you are a Tech Comm professional and want to share best practices and discuss upcoming trends without crossing the Sea, this is the place to go!”

TCUK: TCUK is going to be in Scotland for the first time. What are you looking forward to at this year’s conference?

SG: “It is our first official event in Scotland as well. We are looking forward to meeting new people and learning more about the people that form the ISTC.”