TCUK16 Speakers Cristina Belli and Maja Engel – “Adding strings to your bow”


Cristina Belli and Maja Engel will be presenting at TCUK16 on “Adding strings to your bow: branching out into usability design and content strategy”.

Cristina Belli
Maja Engel

The word on the street is that the future of technical communication as a single focus on writing documentation isn’t so rosy – in this day and age, who reads the documentation, right? If you’re worried this is the case or you’re looking for something new or you simply need to expand your skill set to remain competitive, this presentation shows you there are opportunities to branch out while still doing what you love and know best: writing. We talk about how our personal interests and natural inclinations led us to branch out into usability and content strategy.

About Cristina Belli and Maja Engel

Cristina and Maja work at ESTECO, an engineering software company in Trieste, Italy. Together they write documentation for four products and contribute to marketing content.
Cristina studied Economics at the University of Sydney. Since moving to Italy 25 years ago, she has specialized in ESL teaching, translation and writing marketing content. She has been writing
technical documentation for over ten years.

Maja has a degree in Conference Interpreting and Translation and started translating technical documentation straight out of university. Prior to becoming a technical writer at ESTECO in 2011 she worked for the EU and the Croatian government.