TCUK16 Speaker Chris Hester – On style guides and portfolios


At TCUK16, Chris Hester will be presenting on “You’ve got style, darlings” and giving a workshop on “From Paperweight to Conversation Piece: Building a Portfolio You Love (and Love to Talk About)”.

Chris Hester

Presentation: You’ve got style, darlings

Whether we’re technical writers or content strategists, freelancers or full-time employees, we (secretly) have our own preferences when it comes to using our words and getting things done. Too easily, we (not so secretly) lose patience with others’ peccadilloes when they don’t abide by the guide.

A good style guide supports a team, whereas a poor style guide is a hindrance. And what if you join a team that has no style guide? Where do you even begin?

Let’s discuss decisions and processes we must consider with respect to style guides, including the decisions to “kill some darlings.”

Workshop: From Paperweight to Conversation Piece: Building a Portfolio You Love (and Love to Talk About)

There is nothing more awkward in an interview than watching someone glance through your portfolio without comment, other than watching it sit untouched.

This workshop focuses on moving your portfolio off the table and into the conversation, starting with a discussion about why we need portfolios and how to develop them. Then, we will break into small groups for review and “first impression” feedback from your peers. Remember to bring your portfolio!

We will reconvene to share highlights of the review, along with tips and techniques for creating a portfolio you are excited about. You will leave the workshop with feedback from each person in your group, plus a plan for showcasing your work going forward.
Portfolios of all shapes, sizes, and formats are welcome to this workshop, as are attendees who may not have a portfolio or those who hire technical communicators.

About Chris Hester

As an independent consultant and the founder of Red Desk Studio, Chris has delivered successful content strategy, training, and knowledge management projects to a variety of clients, including those in the advertising, construction management, entertainment, and healthcare industries.

Chris is an STC Fellow and has been actively involved in the technical communication community as a volunteer, academic mentor, and presenter at events such as the STC Summit, LavaCon, and BigDesign.