TCUK16 Speaker Brian Lanigan – “Becoming an Expert by Always Being a Beginner”


Brian Lanigan will be presenting at TCUK16 on “Becoming an Expert by Always Being a Beginner”.

Brian Lanigan

It’s comfortable to develop skills slowly, but you don’t know what you can do until you’re really challenged.

This talk discusses a project in which two technical writers implemented an XML authoring environment for their team. Instead of writing, the job involved configuration, information architecture, graphic design, and technical support. It was difficult—sometimes frustrating—but they succeeded.

This talk is not by an ‘expert’. It will reassure beginners of all levels that the way to get better is to tackle your limitations.

Because it’s okay to say, ‘I don’t know…’ if you follow with, ‘…but let’s figure it out.’

About Brian Lanigan

Brian Lanigan is a senior technical writer with TWi, a provider of outsourced technical writing, editing, and documentation solutions based in Cork, Ireland. It suits him just fine: the wide range of clients means there’s always something new to learn.

In the past, he worked as an information developer at SAP Ireland. He also spent some time working in the advertising world, which shares a surprising amount of technique with technical communication.