TCUK17 Speakers Derek Cooper & Sammi Lauesen – “The fun side of technical communication”


Derek Cooper & Sammi Lauesen will be giving a workshop on “The fun side of technical communication”.

Photo of Derek Cooper

Derek and Sammi, the presenters of this workshop, have a passion and excitement for technical communication and bring diverse and complementary skills and experiences to it. They want to share some of that excitement with you in this light-hearted workshop in which you’ll have a chance to ‘play’ with some mystery objects, and to write about them as if they were new products from a start-up company.

If you have one, please bring a laptop computer with MS Word installed, which you’ll use to develop a template and to write user information. You’ll also be critiquing each others’ work, and some samples we supply, offering assessments and making changes for a positive user experience (UX).

About Derek Cooper and Sammi Lauesen

Derek Cooper is a Fellow of the ISTC and has worked in technical communications since 1992. Although his background is in marine electronic engineering, he has produced user documentation in a range of different forms for subjects as diverse as electron and optical microscopy, marine and seismic survey, environmental monitoring, government and financial services, and veterinary science. He has worked with many UK employers, and has run his own successful business as a freelance and contract technical author. He now works for ARM in Cambridge, where he applies his obsession with quality to improve the user experience for ARM’s customers.

Sammi Lauesen is an Information Developer at ARM. Her background is in software, and she has a strong interest in User Experience (UX).