TCUK17 Speaker Maja Engel – “Plunging into the waters of UX”


Maja Engel will be presenting at TCUK17 on “Plunging into the waters of UX”.

Photo of Maja Engel

I will talk about what User Experience (UX) is about, its principles and best practices and how to apply them in your work, regardless of whether you are a technical communicator, UI designer or content strategist. I will show that incorporating UX considerations early on in the design process can help you stay focused on goals instead of features and be able to prioritize. Finally, I will give you some tips and advice drawn from my own experience and cooperation with other UX professionals that might help you venture in this broad field and expand your skills.

About Maja Engel

I have a degree in Conference Interpreting and Translation and started translating technical documentation straight out of university. I worked for the EU and the Croatian government prior to my current employment as technical writer in ESTECO, an engineering software company in Trieste, Italy. I am responsible for the technical documentation of two desktop software platforms and for about a year and a half I have also been in charge of UX architecture and UI design. My goal is to get things done and I want my users to be able to do the same.