TCUK17 Speaker Andrew McFarland Campbell – “Automatic Documentation for Software”


Andrew McFarland Campbell will be presenting at TCUK17 on “Automatic Documentation for Software”.

Photo of Andrew McFarland Campbell

Many modern software products are complex, having anything from dozens to thousands of configuration parameters. This is particularly true for distributed systems or cloud-based products. Agile environments can result in many subtly different product versions released in quick succession. Traditional documentation methods have trouble keeping up.

It is important to automate as much of the documentation process as possible, including generating documentation directly from source code, moving the technical writer from being a writer to being an editor and developer.

The session covers case studies and scenarios, including code samples, and will conclude with practical considerations, such as management buy-in.

About Andrew McFarland Campbell

I am a technical writer with more than a decade’s experience of automating documentation production for complex software products, particularly in the financial and telecommunications industries. As well as working with standard documentation tools like DocBook and DITA I am experienced with XSLT and various programming languages.