TCUK17 Speaker Holli Hamilton – “The Glossary is Dead, Long Live the Glossary!”


Holli Hamilton will be presenting at TCUK17 on “The Glossary is Dead, Long Live the Glossary!”.

Photo of Holli Hamilton

In the world of topic-based authoring, when you’re creating a topic pool rather than a page-by-page document, it can sometimes feel hard to identify the work left to be done. How can you identify the gaps in knowledge without a structure to hold the work against?

In the formative stages of a documentation project, Holli proposes the glossary can be the core around which you measure your growing pool of topics.

About Holli Hamilton

Holli is currently the sole technical writer for Corero Network Security. She has been a technical writer for over 5 years and came into the field from a Fine Art background. While that may seem odd at first glance, she believes that they share the core values of communication, information absorption, and understanding your audience. She loves nothing more than the unity of these disciplines in a perfectly functional diagram.

Outside of work, she has more hobbies than any sane woman should and enjoys frustrating her husband with the amount of craft supplies you can fit into a one-bed flat.