TCUK17 Speaker Jörg Plöger – Give your content wings – How to improve your documentation skills, a SCHEMA case study

Jörg Plöger, from sponsor SCHEMA, will be presenting a case study at TCUK17 on “Give your content wings – How to improve your documentation skills”.

Photo of Jörg Plöger

At the latest when your machine is ready before the accompanying documentation, or when your software is two versions ahead of the software help release, it is time to look into your editing solution. You have probably already noticed that the number of releases and formats is constantly growing, and that publication cycles are becoming shorter. With this case study, we would like to give you a few helpful tips and best practices to improve your way of working with information. In short, it is about the question: “What to consider when creating and managing information to make it future proof?”

About Jörg Plöger

Jörg Plöger studied mathematics. He has worked in technical communication in a wide variety of industries for more than 20 years. As consultant and trainer, he has travelled around Europe many times. Since 2000, Jörg Plöger has been working in the software industry (Translation Memory Systems (TMS) and Content Management Systems (CMS)). He is sales representative of SCHEMA and based in Bremen, Northern Germany.