TCUK19 Speaker Charlotte Claussen – When correct and complete is not enough – how to give users reassurance (Workshop)

Charlotte Claussen will be giving a TCUK19 workshop on “When correct and complete is not enough – how to give users reassurance”.

Even when we deliver correct and complete information, we can still leave our users in a state where they feel insecure and find their tasks difficult.

In this workshop we will discuss what can make users insecure, for example inconsistency, assumptions of what the product is meant to do, or lack of context. We will look at concrete examples to spot potential triggers of insecurity, and we will discuss how we can make changes that can give the users the reassurance they need.

Examples for exercise will be provided, but I also encourage you to send examples of your own. Due to security requirements, digital materials must be sent to TCUK 3 weeks before the conference.

About Charlotte Claussen

Charlotte is a technical writer with experience from start-up-agency, and corporate environments. She has always been interested in how people know what to do with stuff, and why they sometimes get it wrong. She currently works for Cisco, excited about the enterprise challenge of reducing cognitive load for users while meeting the requests of customers.