TCUK18 Keynote Speaker Ben Woelk – Digital Self Defense—Tips, Tools, and Best Practices to Stay Safe Online (presentation)


Ben Woelk will also be giving a TCUK18 presentation on “Digital Self Defense—Tips, Tools, and Best Practices to Stay Safe Online”.

Photo of Ben Woelk

Do you know what it takes to stay safe online? Do you know how to protect yourself and others? Are you worried about your online privacy? Did you know your smartphone can be attacked?

Cybercriminals continue to devise new ways to attack us both at work and at home. In order to meet those threats, we need to understand how to defend against them.

Join Ben for a discussion of tips, tools, and best practices that will help you enjoy the Internet more safely, whether you’re using a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Ben is also holding a workshop–Temperament-based Strategies for Excelling in the Workplace–and a keynote–Lessons Learned on an Introvert’s Journey to Leadership–at TCUK18.

About Ben Woelk

Ben Woelk, CISSP, CPTC, is Vice President and Associate Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (STC). A frequent conference presenter, Ben has received numerous Society and local awards, including the 2017 STC President’s Award.

Ben’s 20+ years techcomm experience includes management, SW and HW documentation, ISO 9001 documentation, instructor-led and web-based training, end user communications, and policies and procedures.

As Information Security Program Manager at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), he’s created a leading security awareness program, and teaches Computing Security and Technical Communication courses at RIT. In the EDUCAUSE Higher Education Information Security Council Awareness and Training Working Group, Ben works to develop cyber security awareness programs.

Ben guest edited STC’s February 2017 Intercom, “Personality, Temperament, and Technical Communication,” and authored Shock Proofing Your Use of Social Media (Kindle). Ben manages a virtual Introverted Leadership community, and mentors and advocates for aspiring introverted leaders.

Ben holds degrees from the University of Florida (BA), Trinity International University (MA), University of Rochester (MA, PhD Candidate), and RIT (Advanced Certificate in Technical Information Design).

Find Ben on his website,, or on Twitter as @benwoelk.