TCUK18 Keynote Speaker Toni Ressaire – From Docs to Bots: Find Your Passion & Get a Career Makeover

Toni Ressaire will be giving her TCUK18 keynote talk on “From Docs to Bots: Find Your Passion & Get a Career Makeover”.

Photo of Toni Ressaire

Career envy. Have you ever experienced it? You think about your dream job and wonder why you didn’t get that opportunity.

But maybe your dream job wouldn’t make you happy. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be the right fit for you.

Stop thinking about yourself in terms of your job, and start thinking about your skills and your passions. You’ll find your true dream job in these two elements.

Toni Ressaire started out as a broadcast journalist, founded a lifestyles magazine, published books, and then became a technical writer. Now, she’s learning about artificial intelligence and designing chatbots and virtual assistants. What do all of these jobs have in common? Toni will share her path from docs to bots and help you discover your path to the career you really want.

Toni is also holding a workshop at TCUK18: Design & Test a Chatbot Conversation.

About Toni Ressaire

Toni Ressaire is a technical communicator, trainer and consultant. She’s worked with companies in the software development industry on five continents. Toni has some rather non-traditional uses for traditional tech comm tools. She’s currently working with a team developing innovative tools and methodologies to answer the need for information applied to existing and new technologies (VR, AI, chatbots, etc.).

Toni is a founding member of the Information 4.0 Consortium, Tech Writers Without Borders and she’s an Adobe Partner. She is president of the US-based company Route 11 Publications and Info4Design, an information technology company based in France. She is currently living in Southern Italy.