TCUK19 Speaker Jen Lambourne – Ones and zeros: An introduction to managing documentation like code

Jen Lambourne will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 on “Ones and zeros: An introduction to managing documentation like code”.

To treat documentation in the same way developers treat code requires more than a new set of tools. ‘Docs as code’ can fundamentally changed documentation culture, transforming how subject matter experts and writers create and iterate content together.

Based on our experience introducing docs as code for all technical documentation at the Government Digital Service, this talk will explore:
• what docs as code looks like in theory and practice
• how to map workflows to the docs as code approach
• what tools, design, and skills you’ll need
• the benefits and limitations
• how it can transform relationships with experts and users alike

About Jen Lambourne

Jen is a writer who loves a gnarly content problem. As Head of Technical Writing at the Government Digital Service (GDS), Jen leads a team of writers producing technical documentation and guidance to help people build, buy and reuse technology across the UK government. She likes using developer tools to manage docs, redefining how writers work with engineers, and creating inclusive, user-centred content that helps others.