TCUK18 Speaker Cecily Roberts – How to win followers & influence people: Tech comm lessons from writing about novels

Cecily Roberts will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 on “How to win followers & influence people: Tech comm lessons from writing about novels”.

Photo of Cecily Roberts

  • Do you create content for corporate social media?
  • Are you writing stealth marketing for a web audience?
  • Are you frustrated by colleagues saying “It’s all just writing”?

I will explain what I’ve learned about creating engaging web content for a diverse and unexpected audience.

  • How a personal reading log evolved into 700 reviews, pastiches, and essays, with thousands of active followers.
  • How I’ve selectively grown my audience and encouraged participation.
  • How technical and non-technical writing help each other.
  • How to reach the right people, in the right way – and enjoy it.

It’s not “all just writing”. Context is all.

Cecily Roberts

In real life, Cecily is a child of bibliophiles who has raised another.

She fell into technical communication, but has happily stayed for more than 25 years. She writes software user guides and help, but is increasingly involved with online content.

In virtual life, Cecily writes about books. In ten years, she’s published over 700 articles and discussed them with thousands. Her motives, audience, subjects, and style have evolved. She’s also written her first short story since school, which won the ISTC 2018 competition.

Her literary writing is very different from her work-related writing, but she’s increasingly conscious of symbiosis.