TCUK19 Speaker Ant Davey – Editorial support, a better solution for SMEs than style guides

Ant Davey will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 on “Editorial support, a better solution for SMEs than style guides”.


    We’ve all used style guides as professional writers, but they don’t always work for the amateurs. This session looks at how we used the OPTI competency model to develop an editorial management competence at the Rail Safety and Standards Board. A competence that involves iterative technical editing support from the specification of the project to final delivery. I’ll talk about how we got it included it in project management processes. About how we have started to implement it in some major documentation projects for the rail industry. And about some of the early results we’ve seen.

    About Ant Davey

    The last 35-plus years have, in some ways taken my career full circle. After graduating I worked as a marketing executive, writing direct mail letters selling customer service consultancy, and developing the training materials. Who knew I was already into a branch of technical writing? An encounter with some career consultants introduced me to the term ‘technical writer’. A what? After five years in technical PR I got my first real TW job, writing software manuals. Finding that six verbs weren’t enough, in 2006 I entered the rail industry. And now life has come full circle, to content marketing.