TCUK18 Speaker John Lee – Jack-of-all-trades

John Lee will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 entitled “Jack-of-all-trades”.

Photo of John Lee

In a long and illustrious working life there are many reasons, choices and options for getting to your destination, which I shall call the here-and-now. This is often referred to as a career path. Some are early on this path to the here-and-now, with technical authoring their first career choice. Others, are well down the path, and may have had a number of careers on the way.

This is the tale of one such journey, from schoolboy to senior technical author. Not so much a career path, more of a ramble through life. But at key points on that journey, decisions were made or events happened that influenced the direction and progress of that journey. These so-called crossroads have led me here. And along the way I have gathered a variety of skills and experiences that have moulded me into the individual standing in front of you.

They say “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”; I have lots and lots of clusters of “a little knowledge”, so how dangerous am I?

About John Lee

John gained his electronics training in the British Army, rising from apprentice technician through to system engineer in a 23-year career. He used his technical writing experiences within the Army to start a second career as a Technical Author almost 20 years ago. He spent 9 years at Motorola, before branching out as a contractor. John has worked on a variety of projects, from microelectronics, educational software, military hardware and the financial sector. He currently works for ARM as a permanent colleague in a Staff Information Developer role.