TCUK19 Speaker Chris Burden – An explanation of safety notices and how to build them in Flare

Chris Burden will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 entitled “An explanation of safety notices and how to build them in Flare“.

Health and safety information in documentation is typically managed and controlled using standards and guidelines.

In this presentation we will review the standards and guidelines that need to be considered when writing documentation for the EU market. Then we will look at how these harmonized standards relate to the federal US system and their documentation requirements.

We will focus on health and safety issues and the use and design of safety notices; what they need to include, what they are used for, and recommended content.

At the end of the session we will share some of the CSS and Flare tricks and tips we have developed at 3di for creating single-sourced safety notices that can be used for multiple outputs, while still complying with standards.

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About Chris Burden

Chris is currently working as a senior technical author at 3di Information Solutions; an industry-leading supplier of out-sourced technical writing services. With over 25 years of technical writing experience, Chris has worked on many different products across many different industries. He started his career as a technical writing at Hewlett Packard in the late 80s. However, as that questionably fashionable era ended, Chris was lucky enough to be able to move on and work on a wide range of hardware, software and service products from industries as diverse as medical, financial, forestry, security, car parking, cash machines, and even military equipment.