TCUK19 Speaker Martin Block – Office working: Tips for an easier life

Martin Block will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 entitled “Office working: Tips for an easier life“.

This presentation is a light-hearted (but hopefully helpful!) review of how to make our lives as technical communicators a little bit easier in the office environment. Its aim is to provide those new to the profession with some tips on how to thrive as office-based technical communicators, and to prompt older hands to reflect on their own office survival tactics.


About Martin Block

Martin Block FISTC has worked as a technical author in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, and currently writes for Remsdaq Ltd, a technology company based on Deeside near to Chester. He did a doctorate in physical oceanography (studying sand pick-up over ripples) before which he taught secondary school mathematics for a couple of years. Martin is a keen mountaineer and photographer, and has self-published a book – ‘Five Weeks One Summer’ – a diary of his 5-week solo trip to the high Alps back in 2004.