TCUK19 Speaker Michael Bergstrom – Ten STE Myths Busted

Michael Bergstrom will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 entitled “Ten STE Myths Busted”.

This presentation draws on some of the material written in Mike’s article “The Great STE Myth”, published in the Winter 2018 edition of Communicator. It tackles the inaccurate hype surrounding Simplified Technical English, exposing ten of the myths that are continually propagated in an attempt to keep this controlled language alive. Mike’s view is that STE is a standard that has failed miserably to find its way out of its aircraft maintenance procedure niche and should be best avoided as far as possible in favour of Plain English. “Writing STE is like writing with a pair of boxing gloves on” he claims. This presentation is bound to create some fireworks and ruffle some feathers of STE proponents, but one of Mike’s self-proclaimed hobbies is ruffling feathers.

About Michael Bergstrom

Mike Bergstrom started his career as a graduate Electrical & Electronic engineer in 1983. He has worked in design, development, applications and product management in many electrical/electronic engineering disciplines including IC design, high power analogue design, computer hardware and communications. He has been a technical translator and technical writer for the last 25 years, most of it as a freelance technical author/documentation consultant. When it comes to technical writing, he has seen it all. Mike currently works at Elekta as a technical author team leader. He considers himself an engineer who can write, rather than a writer who can engineer.