TCUK18 Speaker David McCormick – Engineering high quality content through technical mentoring

David McCormick will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 entitled “Engineering high quality content through technical mentoring”.

Photo of David McCormick

In today’s fast paced technological and scientific world, the technical author is constantly challenged to provide high quality technical documentation within ever decreasing timescales. This presentation aims to show how using technical mentoring can lead to better improvements in both documentation quality and production time. It discusses the merits of technical mentoring and the relationship between acquiring subject knowledge and quality writing. It also covers the areas of improving and measuring technical product knowledge, confidence building, and learning styles. Finally, it gives some hints and tips on how you can develop and lead technical mentoring sessions.

About David McCormick

Currently a Staff Information Developer at Arm, David moved across into technical authoring from a 14-year background in microprocessor technical support and training.

When investigating a career change, I looked at what I seem to do a lot of which was writing. Whether it was drawing up plans for boarding a loft or writing instructions for re-adjusting my bicycle, it was all a form of technical communication. Since moving into my first authoring job at Arm, six years ago, I have helped new starters from all backgrounds improve and acquire technical knowledge through technical mentoring sessions.