TCUK19 Speaker George Lewis – How to publish your docs every 10 seconds like Amazon

George Lewis will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 entitled “How to publish your docs every 10 seconds like Amazon“.

The traditional documentation approval and release cycle doesn’t fit with products that use continuous integration. I mean, Amazon updates their products every 10 seconds (ok 11.7s)!! How can they possibly have time to compile HTML in a desktop publishing tool and then publish? 

 “Docs as code” arose out of the need to align documentation processes with code development processes. So the approach has been driven by developers and DevOps teams to use the tools they already have such as simple text-based authoring with Markdown or ASCIi doc combined with static site generators.

 But this was not enough, so now we have developer portals tools such as and APIary. Does this mean there is no place for the powerful DTP tools we are comfortable with such as MadCap Flare or FrameMaker?

 In this presentation we will look at the docs as code workflows and tools, and see how a feature-rich DTP package like MadCap Flare can be used.

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About George Lewis

George heads up the Service Delivery team at 3di. Having started his career in tech comm nearly 20 years ago in Germany, George has served his time as a writer of documents as well as a consultant helping organisations automate their documentation workflows.

 George is passionate about developing the people and processes necessary to bring tech comms into the 21st century.