TCUK18 Speaker Marilyn Woelk – Mind the Gap: The Client Need vs. the Client Request (workshop)

Marilyn Woelk will be giving a TCUK18 workshop entitled “Mind the Gap: The Client Need vs. the Client Request”.

Photo of Marilyn Woelk

Have you ever had a client or customer ask for a certain set of requirements, but be unhappy when you delivered what they asked for? Have you ever been a manager or client that assigned a project that when completed didn’t accomplish the business results you hoped for?

In this workshop, we will:

  • review how projects get planned and project requirements get set,
  • look at a complete project process from the identification of a business need (at the origination of a project), to the delivery of the corresponding solution,
  • identify key places within a project timeline where project information gaps can occur, and
  • resolve these gaps so that we don’t “miss a step” in the process and can provide true seamless solutions for our customers.

Come to this workshop with a “problem project” in mind. We will discuss it.

Marilyn is also giving a presentation at TCUK18: Branding Yourself As Indispensable.

About Marilyn Woelk

Marilyn is the owner and president of Wingz Creative and Technical Group, Inc. She excels in communications consulting, process improvement, and project management for techcomm marketing, training, and documentation projects. Some of Marilyn’s clients have included Xerox Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Fujifilm USA, and the US Postal Service. Marilyn is a frequent presenter at technical conferences on subjects related to project process, ROI, personal branding, job growth, and contract development. She is an award-winning writer, and was recognized by MindTouch as one of the Top 200 Content Experience Strategists in 2017. Marilyn was the STC Summit Program Chair in 2018.