TCUK19 Speaker Andrea Szollossi – There are `10` types of people in this world…

Andrea Szollossi will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 entitled “There are `10` types of people in this world…”

GitHub’s 2017 Open Source Survey has shown most respondents find incomplete or confusing documentation a problem in the open source software space. However, more than half of the respondents also admit they rarely or never contribute to documentation.

Based on my experience of writing open-source documentation at the Government Digital Service, my talk will look at ways of getting your tech community involved in producing documentation.

From technical writing workshops to content critiques and from pair writing to skills exchange, I will cover successful approaches to engaging the tech community and the less successful approaches that led me there.

About Andrea Szollossi

Andrea is a technical writer at the Government Digital Service. Coming from an academic research background, she finds writing for government service teams very rewarding and impactful. Andrea particularly enjoys pair writing and the docs-as-code approach to writing documentation.